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work bee 23/03/2014

A working bee will be held Sunday 20 April 2014.

-  track needs slashing

-  whipper snipper around fence, tyres and edge of track

-  toilets need cleaning

-  saltbush on fence at the end of straight and hairpin needs removing

-  catchtraps (bark chips) and weeding front edge needs raking - edges to be square

-  fallen tree on hill on entry needs cutting and and splitting for heater

-  First Aid room (check with Burkie) 


April clubday 18/12/2013


The next Meeting will be on Sunday 27th of April.


Anyone wanting to come and have a drive of a kart can do so by ringing either of the mobile numbers below, the kart club have karts available for use, and everyone is welcome from 7 years of age upwards.  Come and feel the adrenalin rush of racing.

Gen 0437652582  or  Mark 0427857393

ABC Radio short video 13/04/2012

Check out this short video made at the Australasian kart titles by Charlotte King from ABC radio,

Click on the link below, and Thanks Charlotte, great job.

Club Contact Details 29/02/2012

Mildura Kart Club, P.O. Box 567 Mildura 3502 

Club Secretary:  Gen Gathercole-  -

Club President:  Mark Johnson - 0427 857 393

Committee:  Doug Garsed - 0428 437 314

Visitors Membership is now available 16/01/2012

The Mildura Kart club now has a Visitors Membership available for all AKA licence holders with their home membership at other AKA affiliated clubs.

Visitors membership is available for just $40.00 and any children under the age of 18 for an aditional $10 each.

Contact the Mildura Kart Club for more information or a Visitors Membership application form at

CMS and Pre-entries 17/02/2011

Pre entries close on the CM;S system on wednesday night. After this no further pre entries can be taken.

The CMS site now has the ability for you to view the pre-enrty list for any race meeting accross austraila.

Pre-entrie to race meetings on this system now only take seconds to do, even I was supprised how quick it was and my entry showed up straight away on the system. No more entering your tx number, class, race number ect each time. Once it has been done once, all the infomation is there ready for next time. If you need to change some of your infomation, this is also very quick and easy to do.

Please use the  pre-entry system on the CMS website and while you are there take advantage of being able to view results, laptimes and pre-entries list.

We would ask that if it is possable, if everyone could pre-enter for our race meetings, as this makes it much easier for our officials on race day and far less hassel for everyone.


Gearing suggestions and laptimes                            Lap times                 Year 
Cadets                                             12:74-76                                  42.127                    2012
Rookies                                           13:72-74                                  40.908                     2012
Junior light                                      12:73-4                                   39.602                     2011
Junior heavy                                   12:74-75                                  40.054                    2012 
jmax                                                12:72-74                                  35.872                     2011
Clubman light                                 10:77-79                                  36.684                     2012
Clubman heavy.                             10:80-82                                  37.544                     2012
Clubman Over 40's                        10:80-82                                  37.621                       2012
Clubman Superheavy                    10:82-84                                  38.070                            2011 
Restricted 125 Light -   Leopard 10:74-77 - Rotax 12:78-82       36.637                       2012
Restricted 125 heavy - Leopard 10:76-78 - Rotax 12:83-85        37.455                       2012
Sportsman 125 light -   Leopard 10:72-76 - Rotax 12:76-80       35.485                  
Sportsman 125 heavy -Leopard 10:74-77 - Rotax 12:77-81        36.107                         2012
AKA Licence Online Renewal Available Now 10/07/2009

Checkout the links page to renew your license online.  Click on the link and follow the instructions.  Have a passport photo ready to upload from your computer.

New Online Entry Available 16/02/2009
Please visit to pre enter for all race meetings. Online payment is also avalible if activated by the host club. Don't forget you will still need to confirm your enty on the day during the time setout in the supp regs for entry confirmation.
Don't forget to check out the classifieds area. 4/04/2008

New listings are appearing regularly.

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